More Today Than Yesterday

So, I haven't seen nearly as many movies as I should have from 2006. I hope to remedy this a bit in the coming days, especially after the Oscar nominations are announced. But, I have seen some good ones, and I will rank those that I've seen so far. It always surprises me when I go through the list of movies released in the past year since it seems I've seen some of them so long ago. There were many difficult decisions in ranking these (especially the top five or so, especially especially the top three), but I've come up with an order I'm reasonably satisfied with. So, without further ado...

Films of 2006
1. V for Vendetta
2. The Prestige
3. Lucky Number Slevin
4. Children of Men
5. Little Miss Sunshine
6. Wordplay
7. Borat...
8. Inside Man
9. Thank You For Smoking
10. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
11. Notes on a Scandal
12. Casino Royale
13. Night at the Museum
14. Strangers With Candy
15. A Prairie Home Companion
16. Mission: Impossible III
17. The Devil Wears Prada
18. The Da Vinci Code
19. United 93
20. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
21. Superman Returns


Melt With You

So I've seen some kind of unusual things in porns lately, but one I watched today takes the cake. This past week, I saw double vaginal and double anal (though not at the same time) and two women anally fisting each other. Today, I was watching a threesome between two women and one man. The odd thing: one of the women had a cast on her left arm! Why is she doing porn with a cast covering her whole left arm?! Maybe I've happened upon a fetish for injuries, or for pink casts. I had to laugh to myself (and then masturbate, though not to that particular clip).
Anyway, I start off my last semester of grad school tomorrow. I'm nervous about teaching again after the month of Winter break. But, I have a shirt from Victoria's Secret (it's not racy, though it does make my tits look pretty damn good, if I do say so myself) which I will wear to help me get a chili pepper on rateyourprofessor.com. Here's hoping! I'm also going to make a really large effort to not procrastinate this semester and stay on top of reading for classes and for my comprehensive exams. I'll need a lot of good luck for that endeavor.
I read Heart of Darkness over break (and now I can go to Pimmsfest '07!). I have to say...meh. It took me some time to get into it and read more than a few pages a sitting, and when the narrator arrives and interacts with Kurtz, it became more interesting, but I still didn't care for it very much. I thought it was heartbreaking when Marlowe tells Kurtz's Intended about the man's last words, but it never really gripped me at all. I didn't like Marlowe as a narrator and felt no connection to anyone or anything going on. I realize its importance and significance (because people have told me this, rather than me knowing much about literature having to do with Imperialism), but I don't feel like I've gained anything in particular from having read this work, other than being able to discuss it and how blah I feel about it when it comes up at cocktail parties (those crazy English student cocktail parties!).


"That's Not the Way She Tells It"

Two recent developments which I have thought hilarious: first, an occurence which I said would work as a good stand-up joke, a thought Chris disagrees with (therefore I leave you, dear reader, as the judge)--I was pulling out of a slanted parking space at the same time as a car two spaces over, and the car stops to let me back out first. I think "What an idiot," and then I notice her bumper sticker "Euclid sucks!" Okay, it works better telling it than writing it, but still, I think it's damn funny. Chris thinks that it is too esoteric.
Another funny thing happened on the way to the forum that has beome a bit of a running joke between the two of us. I was getting in bed last night and Chris' elbow was in the way. So, I lie down in discomfort and in retaliation I'm going to put my cold hand on him, so I reach over, not aiming for anything in particular, but I happen to hit the jackpot and grab his wang. Chris said something that wasn't positive about this happening, called my hand the "icy hand of death", and his junk remained hidden away, safely tucked for most of the night. This is the moment that I discovered that he can tuck and untuck with no manual manipulation, which impressed me greatly. Anyway, two things that really amused me. I hope they amused you as well.