All it takes is a little
weight thrown around
to make your own reality. I
 should have adapted,
adjusted, according to they
who do not speak
at things they see.
But if monkey see
then monkey do,
and I believe that is the rule,
they'll never make a
 monkey out of me.


The numbers
add up to other numbers
Equating solution with resolution
is a mistake I’ve made
and continue to make
when I feel less than
Greater than pain?
And I would kill my own brother
for a chance to please you,
I think you have to be told
about greatness, not shown.
The night
rises in the West
until dawn, and the dispute
isn’t settled, but when
conducted by a boy
it will rage.
Until the lady returns,
none of us are
getting out of here alive.


Head in the Clouds

I got three for free
but whatever you give
I’ll grab and want more,
it comes and it goes
but it’s always above or below
appropriate amounts.
Listen, because
this is when it counts,
whatever comes,
whatever shows
along the way,
I will surmount.

And look at it all from up here
 it’s all carried and doesn’t stick
it’s there without weight
and I really hate
to come down the mountain,
welsh on the bet I’m taking:
that when I try slaking
my thirst is when
I feel it worst.