Dear Mr. Supercomputer

My tinkering with a friend's song/poem that I wrote as a poem:

staring down the stairs
at a door
through which
you'll appear.
soon enough, there'll be
a return.

staring down the lie
that floats around still
but as a whisper.
soon enough, I'll
only hear what I can see.

though I wish it did
and thought it could,
this trick can't make
anything disappear.

staring down the stairway
I'm not really waiting,
the most I can expect
is a specter.

staring down the lights
that line the corridor
everything is haloed.
soon enough, I'll
be blind in the dark.

though I wanted it to
and willed it so,
though I heard it could
and knew it must,
this door can't
open or close.


Power to the People

Happy Birthday John and Sean!!!!!!!

I am now working at Barnes and Noble in the cafe, which makes me miss my old Starbucks store and my old manager. Sigh. Oh well, it's money, which I need a lot of. Speaking of making money, I received $30 this weekend to judge three rounds of debate, which was interesting. I saw some good debates, but mostly very bad ones. But, it turns out that if the UN is given one trillion dollars, it can solve all the world's problems. So that's a relief. I'm trying to manage stress and time better which means that I'm trying to not worry so much about my two papers that are due next week that I haven't started on and trying to be confident that I can write both of them fairly well and hopefully finish them before the day they are due. Here's hoping.


The Perfect Crime #2

Happy Birthday Colin and Carson!!!!!!

This will be a rather short post. All I really want to say is holy jesus The Crane Wife is so fantastic!! It's so very good that it hurts so very much. Ah. Without a doubt The Decemberists are my second favorite band, which is saying quite a bit since they are only below The Beatles. I am counting the days and nights until November 11th.