To Vote or Not to Vote

Ever since I learned that Barack Obama made the awful, unjustifiable choice of the Rolling Stones over The Beatles, I have been conflicted about the upcoming presidential election. I want to vote. I want to participate in this excellent process of democracy. And I feel compelled to, as a patriotic American that values our ideals and our history. But...I'm not sure that I can vote for Obama. It's not just that he has inexcusable taste for 1960s rock 'n roll (though that is a very important topic for me, and although I understand that many people don't understand why it should be a factor in my decision, it really is and I don't think that I'm being melodramatic or crazy). I have not been following either campaign that closely, mostly because the press coverage, and the campaigning itself, is frustrating and depressing to me. I was really hopeful about this election last year, but now I am less so. I am glad that Obama won the nomination over Hillary Clinton. I am glad that we will no longer have George W. Bush in office. I am not going to vote for John McCain. But, I may not vote for Obama either. There are some issues I have with the man. For instance, his opposition to the recent decision by the Supreme Court (abolishing the death penalty for child rapists) disappoints me. As we get closer to the actual election, I hope to become more informed about all of the candidates, but I think I will remain very wary of voting for Barack Obama (and yes, this does make me sad). I welcome all arguments for or against my supporting him.