Who's Gonna Sing?

So...it has been a while since I've posted and a lot has happened.

-I sprained my ankle playing football on Labor day. This meant that I rode around in one of those carts at Meijer, which was a lot of fun, and that I spent a fair amount of time on crutches, which was not fun. It has given me a new appreciation for the people who have a hard time getting around and has also left me with the fear that I will sprain my ankle again in the future.

-My beloved Celica is no longer with us. The timing belt broke and there were other problems. I could've had it fixed, but it would've been quite the chunk of change, so I scrapped it. But, my dad bought me a car for Christmas, so I am still tooling around. He got me a white 2004 Toyota Solara. It's very nice, though it's automatic and I really miss the Celica. So far, the car hasn't taken control and driven me off a cliff, though I hear that this is a possibility.

-Chris and I broke up. While I was the one who technically did the breaking up, I don't think it would be fair to say anything other than "Chris and I broke up." We're still living together, with all of my stuff in one room and all of his in another and I'm sleeping on the couch. I would like to have a bed, but other than that, it's alright and it will be like this until August. At that point, I'll stay in Lansing and he will hopefully have a job teaching at a university somewhere. I don't have any prospects beyond that at this time.

-I'm seeing a therapist. I have gone for 5 sessions now. It is alright and sometimes it seems like it's helping, though sometimes it feels like it's doing nothing at all. I'm trying to be alright completely on my own, to be able to make myself feel better and also to feel like everything will be okay, no matter what happens to me externally. I sometimes worry though that if I'm completely able to do all of these things for myself, if I don't need anyone to help me out and make me feel better, then I'll feel like there's no point to have people really close to me and I'll become bitter and cut myself off from everyone. Fingers crossed!

-I'm still trying to learn to play guitar and now I'm the closest to this goal than I've ever been before, which admittedly isn't saying much. However, I have learned enough to have recorded 2 songs which I've written. I have other songs with melody and lyrics, but I don't know how to go the next step and write the actual music to accompany them. But, here's the 2 I do have music for. Feedback is welcome.

The Flood:

Little Bee:

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